Sunday, August 07, 2005

i worked for the first time ever in my whole life was like the longest day i ever spent because the time was like staying still at 2 pm 2 pm 2pm ....hum... what can i say? new experience? yea it was. today i am going to work again. how i wish i can make the time pass faster today. if i have extraodinary power. that will be the best thing that ever happen to me..i will make the time pass as fast as i want. hum.... and stop whenever i want tooi...hehheh..but i know thats imposible...
how to make time pass faster???first of all, not thinking about the tme too much or looking at our watch or at any clock looking at it repeadtedly makes time look longer.
Try concentrating a lot on things, or just lightly think about better stuff when it's boring
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