Friday, December 31, 2004

it's 8 o'clock in the morning of 31 december 2004 , the last day of dear 2004! i took a picture with this cute winter cap today... well, it's actually from my sis last winter but i didn't really wear it those days. it's cold outside and i don't want my ear to suffer i wear it today. i hope i can finish the school things faster today and go out with friends for the new year celebration!alright yishee !happy new year.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 30, 2004

well, it's 11:31pm now, another 30 minutes ,it will be the last day of 2004. see ya ! 2004! well, it's not that i don't like 2004 but i wish to get some new dream and new life in 2005. 2004 was boring for me. I missed alot of things since i chose to come here, of course i got lots of new experiences and learnt new things, is still a boring year for me.i wish that 2005 can be an amazing year! and we'll have a meeting with the jpa people tomorrow. i hope they allow us to go to university. well, that's my biggest new year wish at the moment. i know that it will be tough in the future to study in university. But i want to try! i think that i can do well as long as i put effort on it! no pain,no gain!
well, i am also working on a novel now. I think writting about the new life that i imagine and wish for. I really hope my wish can come true!>.happy new year!:) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

winter..can you please leave me alone?~ well, writting a new novel.. i think that this is the season to write..~ i hope i can write a good one~ Posted by Hello

i look boring Posted by Hello

my face is not that small Posted by Hello

red bean soup i cooked~:Pdelicious~first time i cooked this ooo~ Posted by Hello

my winter diary~

today is cold. well, as usual winter can't be hot..can't be warm..there's no reason that a winter can be warm.... it makes me hate winter so much...
the only thing that can make me feel better in winter is snow..
but snow doesn't seems to fall on the land of korea even it's a winter...
i wish for snow but it doesn't seems to hear my wish..

well, i wonder why is life so tough~ first i thought that after spm i can relax... then i got into form 6 and i thought that i will work hard for stpm...but finally i came to korea under scholarship. i always say that i am here because i am lucky~ but then, when i think again..~am i really lucky to be here? well, whatever ~ i am here so i have to work hard for my life. I applied for Seoul National University and got into it~but then? JPA, the goverment scholarship department~ haven't approve our admission...-_-;;;hweu... i wish they will let us in~

well well well, cold winter and cold heart. listening to songs while chatting ... i have got to get myself back to study but i can't really concerntrate. What should i do? I don't know. So i came over here ... to write...~ nonsense...~

well well well, i will get myself back to study tomorrow. I have to rest today i guess. really feel sick now. -_-;;;~i don't want to fall sick!!!

By the way , i have to be on diet i guess. or else i will really grow..~erm..horible~ good luck in everything to myself~

here's all for today on yishee's blog~ idiotblue~

never forget to keep everything simple and ..take it easy!;)~

Friday, December 17, 2004

winter's diary~

guess i'd been putting too much time on making blog~ gotta study today~got mom's parcel yesterday~so nice!
just taken an instant mushroom soup from malaysia~i'll take a photo of it next time~;)anyway~nice!tasty~ it taste home~

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


结果刚才买了零食,边看书边吃~今天得早一点上学,拿大学的offer letter~说来上大学还挺麻烦的~可是我真的不想呆在那个学院里上课~所以。。。努力!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

today's menu.. kalkuksu...i put some miyok-seaweed into it~not really good in taste or look but healthy~ Posted by Hello

Korea's's much smaller than malaysia's but quite tasty~ sweet;) don't take too much even it's just a fruit~because everything gives calories...though, i still took alot~ Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 11, 2004

selina said it looks like me...but not really..~ it's cute~^0^ Posted by Hello

my yahoo avatar..looks like me?nah..not really, but i like this style..maybe i'll try to change my style..hehe.. Posted by Hello



today lunch's menu-->fried rice...  Posted by Hello

10 December's breakfast and lunch... lapokki..self cooked korean food Posted by Hello

Friday, December 10, 2004


早上,10点多起床,然后就煮了东西,边吃边看电视。看了水男孩,water boys 的所有连续剧,今天看的是水男孩的电影。挺好看的。吃饱了,看完戏了,就去银行拿钱。本来打算去付电话费,可是要等到2点才可以付。所以待会儿又得下去。好麻烦~

how is earth looks like when you look at it from moon... Posted by Hello

well, earth is beautiful. take a deep look into it... you will see... Posted by Hello

this is a photo from my sister ~they took it in genting highland...i think it's nice, with the love baloon and a quite blue background... Posted by Hello

this is my keyboard

this is my favourite keyboard. I bought it last two week on the 28 of november. Posted by Hello

my keyboard, i bought it in chongno samka last november 28  Posted by Hello

yishee~ Posted by Hello


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