Monday, October 24, 2005


monday come again. I wonder why weekend seems to pass by so fast and week days go so slow like years. Went to class as usual today. First and second class was okay. Third class,industrial organic chemistry was fine too. But when it came to the last class...Industrial Inorganic Chemistry...the lecturer sort of made me feel like going out from the class. He's not really annoying or what. Just too boring and i couldn't figure out what was he taking about. I found that it's he speaks korean without open his mouth widely like other koreans. Perhaps that's why. However, there's still something that caught my attention in this class.The thing is, i am always trying to observe real carefully to check out whether the lecturer's eyes are open. His eyes are really really chinky. It's not that i want to make fun of him or what. He's a good lecturer, i mean good in chemistry maybe, not really in teaching. Hum...I was listening for the first hour, but i couldn't pay any attention to him for the second. I drew on the table. hehe...
Kinda cold too today. I guess i caught a cold. But seems like my antibody is so strong,i am almost fully recovered. cooked kalkuksu for my dinner, i mean lunner justnow. I wanted to eat rice but still end up with eating noodles today.
I bought shopaholic -confession yesterday. Wanna finish shopaholic- and sister first before i start another book. seems interesting!:) I saw a book entitled "the alchemist" too in the bookstore. Read the synopsis. quite interesting, the story seems to be kinda similiar to The Little Prince. Wanted to buy it but thought of reading shopaholic first so i didn't.
Got another letter from my best friend syidah today. She seems to miss me so badly. hum...i miss her alot too. Sometimes, i really think that i couldn't find another friend like her.I guess i'll write her a letter very soon.

That's all for monday. Oh yea! simple plan's song.:) It's right below. I love it!enjoy the mv.

Friday, October 21, 2005

simple just a kid

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I woke up it was seven
Waited till eleven
Just to figure out that no one would call
I think ive got a lot of friends but I dont hear from them
Whats another night all alone?
When your spending everyday on your own

And here it goes

Im just a kid and life is a nightmare
Im just a kid I know that is not fair
Nobody cares
Cuz im alone and the world is having more fun than me

And maybe when the night is dead
Ill crawl into my bed
Staring at these four walls again
Ill try to think about the last time
I had a good time
Everyones got somewhere to go
And there gonna leave me here on my own

And here it goes

Im just a kid and life is a nightmare
Im just a kid I know that is not fair
Nobody cares
Cuz im alone and the world is having more fun than me

What the fuck is wrong with me dont fit in with anybody
How did this happen to me
Wide awake im bored and i cant fall asleep
And everynight is the worst night ever

Im just a kid
Im just a kid
Im just a kid
Im just a kid
Im just a kid

Im just a kid and life is a nightmare
Im just a kid i know that its not fair
Nobody cares cuz im alone and the world is
Nobody wants to be alone in the world

Im just a kid and life is a nightmare
Im just a kid i know that its not fair
Nobody cares cuz im alone and the world is
Nobody wants to be alone in the world
Nobody cares cuz im alone and the world is having more fun than me

Tonight im all alone
Tonight nobody cares
Cuz im just a kid tonight


Finished exam at about 12 pm. Went to eat jajangmyeon with Kc,Liyan, and Wen. Its been quite sometimes since we last hang out together like this. Well! Exam is finally over. We went to norebang (karaoke?) right after lunch for about 3 hours, or maybe more than that. Its half price if you go in day time. 6000won per hour and usually you can get about 30 minutes extra. Shout for 3 hours by paying 3000 won each! Heheheh. I was sort of exhausted after that. But still, I feel like singing now. Not enough!!! Whats wrong with me anyway!
Rained. Its getting cold here. Everything seems to be so cold around. Quiet little gochok-dong, seems to be slowly slipping into autumns silence. Well! Thats what I imagine. Its not really that quiet after all. Korean still hang out drinking till 4~5 in the morning. I hate the cold weather. It makes me feel sleepy and lazy to go out. HumWinter, please dont come so soon. Autumn is still okay.
Reading Shopaholic and sister, its really an interesting book. Well, reading it makes me feel like traveling around the world and shopping too. Like shopping? Yea . I do. I guess every girl does like it . Talking about shopping, its been more than one month I didnt buy myself anything. But since I promised myself not to buy anything in these two months, I will keep my promise. Or, I will try my best too keep it. HumIll try
I need to call home later. It has been a while I didnt call home. Kind of miss my family. Weekend start!!! Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo^^

Thursday, October 20, 2005

say goodbye to exam!!!

Tomorrow, my last exam will be at 11 am. Everything will be over after another 12 hours from now!!! Well, no body likes exam right? Or perhaps there are some people who like it. Who knows?
Autumn is here, kind of cold these days. But the leaves colour seems green stillI remembered that last year was much colderanyway, I hate it cold. I just wish that winter will never come again because winter sucks!!! HahaI used to imagine about winter in Malaysia. How beautiful it can be if theres winter in Malaysiaand so on. That was before I went through the real winter. However, I cant deny that I love snow. You see, snow is a gift from heaven. It is so I dont really know how to describe my feeling when I first saw snow. Perhaps it is because of the cold that we suffered that make us feel that it is beautiful. Or perhaps it is an indescribable beautiful thing.
Well, I guess I need a rest now. Before 12~good night.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


-H2,Cl2를 conc.H2SO4,또는 냉동(-12~-13도)에서 탈수시켜 합성한다.
-철재사용할수 있음.
-합성염산을 불침투성인 혹연 충전탑에 넣어 1.5kg/cm3게이지압에서 가열.
-HCl가스가 발생 되어(70~80도),유출한 가스를 상부에 수냉하고,하부에 냉동시켜, HCl (50%)을 분리한다.
-무수한염산가스를 만든다.냉각 건조 후,낮은 정비점 용액은 냉각 후 다시 헙성염산가스를 흡수 시켜 30%의HCl용액으로 한다.
-희박한HCl 가스
-불순한HCl 가스
=황산염과 인산염을 담체와 혼합하여,입상물을ㄹ 충전한흡수탑에 주입하여 HCl흡착시킨후 90~130도으로 가열하여 염산가스 방출.흡착생성물은CuSO4.2HCL 또는 CuCl2.H2SO4..등

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

염산제조 장치 재료

염산합성관의 재료

1.용융석영(hard mineral crystal)-유리
~수소과잉량을 주여도 안전조입 가능.
~열린도로 크다.
~팽창을 적다.
~기계적강도 크다.
~무수염산 제조에서 사용.

염서바아너의 재료

흡수관의 재료


Exams start tomorrow.
good luck girl!!!

contact process


vanadium 의 반응
V2O5+ SO2-->V2O4+SO3
V2O4+ 2SO2+02-->2VOSO4

-촉매 활성 저하 시키는 물질.
-가스 부족시 촉매능력 감소 시키며 산무나
수증기는 기계장치와 작용하여 H2발생하여
촉매독 작용이 됨.
-금속화합물중에는 백금과 합금을 형성하고 HF,SiF4는 담체 부식.
-백금에는 비소가 촉매독의 작용 제일 크다.400도 ~600도정도.


황--용해됨-->분무식연소로(건조공기 도입)--hot gas-->폐가스 보일러(건조공기 도입.열회수)

glover tower

glover탑의 기능

1.함질황산 탈질 - 2HOSO2ONO+H2O<---> 2H2SO4+NO+NO2
2.연실산 농축 - 노가스 열으로 증기 만들어 SO2가스와 혼합 시킴
3.노가스 냉각 - 연실에 들어가기 전에 가스 온도가 70~110도로 저하 시킴.
4.노가스 세척 - 제진실 통해 세척
5.황산 생성 - 2HOSO2ONO+SO2+2H2O--->2H2SO4NO + H2SO4(12~15%)
6.질산 환원 - NaNO3+H2SO4--->NaHSO4+HNO3

연실 개량

-연실 용적 축소 하는 목표로 만들어짐.
-연실 생략
-Glover탑과 Gay Lussac탑 대신 충진탑을 쓴다.
-내부순환(황산 생성반응)과 외부순환(질소산화물 흡수)이 있다.
장점-건설비 저렴
단점- 수리비,동력비 크다. 작업이 예민.

-6개 탑으로 되어 있는데 제1,2,3탑은 glover탑이고,제 4,5,6탑은 gay lussac탑으로 되어있다.
-50◦Βẽ의 황산 생성 된. 20~30kg/

g(20%황산)-g(30%황산)-g(50%황산)-gl -gl -gl

-제련소에서 나온 폐가스와 같이 양, 농도가 심한 SO2가스 처리 하는 목표로 연구 된것이다.
-glover탑,생성탑,gay-lussac탑으로 되어 있다.
-glover탑의 황산은 50%
-생성탑 1: 40%H2SO4
생성탑 2: 10%H2SO4
-glover탑 지름이 5ft, 생성탑은7ft,Gay lussac탑은 9ft이다.
-폐가스 사용 하는 경우 50◦ΒẽH2SO4생성 된다. 100t/d
질소산화물 소비량 :황산생성량의 약1%

-->연실==petersen탑==Gay Lussac탑
>>petersen탑은 수분을 제거 하고 gay lussac탑으로 들어갈 것을 막는 역할을 한다
>>황산을 2중순환,내 외 순환 시킴.
>>glover탑에서 H2SO4생성량 증가.
>>공정전체의 변동 억제되며 간편이다.

반탑식-탑식과 연실식의 차이점
1.SO2신속 산화됨.
2.탑식: 자연 냉각 25%
반탑식:자연냉각 65~70%
연실식:자연냉각 80%

탑식의 장단
1.용량 적다.
2.황산 순도 좋지 않는다.74~75%.
3.연실식에서 100t/d이상 생산 무리.탑식은 200t/d 이상 생산 가능
4.수선비 크다.연판 내산물로 변화되어 가하므로 조하되고 있음.
5.냉각수량 너무 많다. 동력비 크다.

- sand filter 로서 여과 제거하고 비소 등은 H2S작용 시커 sulfide로 침전 제거 한다.
- 질소산화물은 엄ㅎㄴㅍㅁ욤0.2~0.5%가하여 100도로 가열하여 분해제거.

탑산 60◦Βẽ
-탈수제로 농축 한다.

-drum type


황산의 성질

1. 무색
2. 점도 크다
3. 비점=338도, 최고 농도 98.3%황산.
<100%황산 존재 하지 않는 이유:
상온에서 conc. H2SO4가 SO3가스를 방출
98.3%으로 저하된다>
4. 비중=1.8415
5. 화학적인 성질은 농도에 따라 달라짐
-dil. H2SO4++>물에서 HSO4-, H+으로 이온화 됨.
강산의 성질을 가짐.산화력이 없음.산화제로 사용.
-conc.H2SO4++>고온에서 SO3가스 방출. 산화력이
있음.건조제,탈수제,Nitration에서 질산 농축용.


1. 규소철(Si 15%)-내산성 강.
산가열.기계장치로 쓰임.
2. 순남- 60◦Βẽ이하 황산 침식 하지 않는다.
- 불순물 있으면 장치 부식 되기 때문에
순남을 쓴다.
3. Hard Lead( Sb 15%)-내산성 강.
80◦Βẽ이상인 황산 침식 하지 않는다. 큰 강도 필요할때 쓰임.

황산제조의 재료
2.황화철광(iron pyrite)

황 연소로

S+O2=S02+70 Kcal
SO2+ 1/2 O2= SO3+23 Kcal
*회전식 연소로 Rotary burner

*분무식 연소로 Spray burner
-장치 크다. 널리 쓰임.
-enclosed system :가압상태 유지 할수 있음
(공기건조,용융황 건조)
-공기량에 따라 온도 변화함.

황화철광 배소로

4FeS2 + 11 O2= Fe2O3+ 8 SO2 + 798 Kcal
CuS + 2 O2= Cuo + 2 SO2 + 125.99 KCal
황화철광 연소로에서 가장 좋은 온도는 썹시600~800도.
800도이상 되면 SO3방출되고 장치 부식 발생함.

-Herreshoff furnace
-Flash Roaster
-Fluidized Roaster

Flash Roaster
1.배소 능력 크다.
2.소재중 산류화 남는다.
4.저공위에서 철 처리 할수 있음.

1.구조 복잡. 고장 잘 난다.
2.분쇄 동력비 크다.
3.광진 많으니 제거비 많다.
4.하부 가스통로 메꾸기 쉽다.

Fluidized Roaster
1.내부 온도 균일하게 조절 잘 됨.
(생산한 산의 농도 균일)
2.교반 잘 됨으로써(반응속도 크다.
광물 처리 능력 크도.)
3.구조 간단.안에 움직이는 기계없음.
폐열 잘 됨.

1.Dorr Co식에 따라 냉수로 온도 저하 시킴
으로, SO2중의 수증기 많다.
2.폐산량 5~7%


배소로와 glover탑사이에 제진실,hot cottrell, 장해판,cyclone등 장치 설치.

inorganic industrial chemistry

Le Blanc법 초기 반응:소금의 황산분해
2NaCl + H2SO4= Na2SO4 + 2 HCl
Na2SO4+ 4C= Na2S+ 4CO
Na2S+CaCO3=NaCO3+ CaS

Solvay 법




유기합성공업등의 부산물

2.HCl의 성질

무색,투명한 자극성 기체
물에 용해, 염산 생산, 발열 하다.

표준상태의 밀도=1.639g/l
임계압력=81.6 atm
임계밀도= 0.424g/l

*용해도는 온도에 반비례한다.
온도 상승, 용해도 강하.
*압력에 대한 HCl흡수
온도 상승, 압력 상승.
<-단위시간에 흡수되는 가스.
Pg > Ps--흡수 진행
Pg = Ps--흡수 진행의 임계
Pg < Ps--HCL 가스 방출 됨


I can't really tell how blur am i ...cos i don't know how blur am i ~hehehe..
today i was looking for my wallet before i go out for some snacks...~ it remained "lost" for about an hour.hehehe...
I came back after snacks and started looking for it again... i thought i might have left it in the shop or drop it somewhere...~ hum... it took me quite some times to find it right in front of me under my lcd monitor.=_="
Blur blur blur...really blur ...

Monday, October 17, 2005

lost email id found....

2.41 am...I lost this yahoo email ID last year. I kept trying all the IDs that i could think of but none works.I remember the password but i couldn't remember the ID for the whole year. I don't know why~ can't really figure out the reason until now. Today,unexpectedly, i remembered the ID. Thus, i tried to log in again with the password that was in my mind all these while. Finally~! successfully i logged in with my lost ID. idiot_blue74 .

It's a long time i didn't write on this page. Guess it's time for me to update my e-diary now.
Time flies...~ October fell down from fast.. The atmosphere of my first day in korea seems like yesterday...still fresh in my mind...

Monday, September 05, 2005

back in reality

i was back in korea on 30 august 2005. unforgettable night cos it was my first time to take such a long flight. my sack was miss-sent to somewhere else that night~
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